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More tools and hand planes added to the mini-auction at the July 16th meeting!

The upcoming Sunday July 16th meeting continues to become possibly one of our best events in recent memory! Not only do we have blacksmith extraordinaire Drew Alexander, but we have added another grouping of tools to our mini-auction.

At our May meeting, we sold a collection of “off-brand” planes for the mother of a deceased plane collector from Winchester. Apparently since then she has found more planes, including some Stanley planes. These as well as tool chest contents from a Culpeper estate will be in the mini-auction.

Please support the live auction, which has no premium. Members can consign with no auction fee. All proceeds go to the member! The auction starts around 1100-1130 after the tailgating tool swap.

Sometime around the noon hour our guest program with Drew Alexander will begin. Although we only allocated a brief time for Drew to show some of his skills, he has also mentioned the potential of hosting an event at his shop near Harrisonburg VA, in the future.
Please come, show your interest, and it might lead to a follow-up opportunity. If you need any decorative handrails, furniture elements, or other artistic work, please come and chat with Drew.