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Volunteers needed for PATINA Board positions

Our PATINA board is aging and some are moving outside of the immediate area. We haven’t revitalized our board since pre-COVID.

For PATINA to continue its mission and conduct tool events, we need alternates to be mentored in various roles while current board members are still in position:

1. Anyone interested in the Treasurers position, with some accounting or finance interest, is needed to train with our current Treasurer who will “retire” his role in the next year.

2. An ‘alternate auction coordinator’ for the 2024 Annual Tool Show and Auction is also needed. This would be a support role to the current auction manager. The auction manager gets lots of support from various members of the club during this period, so it’s not an overwhelming position. Consignments are already being accepted, so that person will assist with that task.

3. We need someone to modestly manage and improve our Social Media effort.