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May 21 meeting just around the corner with extended hand plane auction!

We have a significant event planned for our May 21 event so our goal is to double our attendance!

Not only will our program include a presentation by author Paul Van Pernis on Leonard Bailey and his innovations, we have accepted a consignment collection for our min-auction of over 100 planes.
One benefit of PATINA membership with our mini-auctions is being able to consign tools with no sellers fee, as well as no buyers premiums. Of course, a donation is always desirable!

This wooden and metal plane collection will be auctioned on Sunday before the presentation. The owner apparently was on a mission to collect off-brand planes, as there are only a few Stanley planes.

The owner is donating all proceeds to our 501C3 club, so please bring some extra cash and help the cause!

Don’t forget we also have a most special program by Paul Van Pernis on Leonard Bailey. Bailey held more than 40 patents and developed many of the features on planes that we still use today.

Paul plans to bring several examples of his collection of rare Bailey planes, so come and see and hear about the reasons that make them rare and collectable.
If you happen to own an early Bailey plane, please bring it to the Meeting!

Because we have a larger auction and program planned, We will probably start the auction at 11 AM.

American Legion Post 270
1355 Balls Hill Rd
McLean, VA 22101

Tailgating will start around 0830.
Mini-Auction starts at 1100.
Van Pernis Program starts at 1230.